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The Easiest Way to Raise Money In an Emergency

Written By wong blogjob7 on Saturday, September 21, 2013 | 11:42 AM

The Easiest Way to Raise Money In an Emergency
We all have emergencies. It could be very embarrassing when it has to do with finances. You could just have a dear money making project that just comes up, but you may not have the finance to pursue it to its logical end. What do you do? You may consider going to a financier for a loan. What does he do? Place you on a waiting list of course. And this makes matters worse.

So how do you raise fast money in an emergency? How do you get cash when it matters most? If you knew how to always get cash to finance your projects, there's no doubt that you'll join the great money makers. Why? None of your business ideas could experience a financial set-back any more. Do you know that a multi-million dollar business could collapse simply because you don't have as little as $50?

It's a simple idea: Get a pay day loan. There are many of the providers who can give you as much as $1,000 in less than an hour. One truth about money is that it can reproduce itself when you have an idea of how to push it. The simple idea is, 'find a need and fill it'. That has been the great rule for money making since the first coin was made in Asia Minor.

A pay day loan has its conventional raison d'etre which is, to help workers meet their expenses while their pay checks are on the way. But if you have an emergency, you hardly think of pay day loan. Come on, you can still use a pay day loan for business. What matters is that you repay it. And when you use it for a business, you stand a greater chance of repaying it fast. I have obtained a pay day loan which paid and serviced itself, and I still had a profit on it.

What matters most therefore, is not the letter but the spirit of the law. No one actually cares what you did with the loan so long as you repay it as agreed. If you cannot come up with a money making idea you can invest your pay day loan in, I suggest this: Go through news paper adverts for a product that's likely to be the public favorite and is scarce. Meet the seller and agree to get buyers for commissions. You don't need to be told he'll jump at the offer, although he may not show it immediately to avoid looking desperate which also implies being vulnerable. Once he agrees to the offer, go ahead an make hand bills advertizing the product or service. Then, give out the hand bills in public places. The bill should bear your contact of course. There are so many news paper ads that get lost because only very few have time to see them. So, take advantage of that.

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